Personal Goods

Relocating to a brand new destination? Wary on how will you transport your personal goodsand baggage while keeping them safe and secure? Let Sky2c do the job for you! Our personal goods freight service can help you transport anything from a single gift item to entire unaccompanied baggage to your choice of location.

Timely Delivery

Sky2c is known for its timely, efficient and reliable personal goods freight service. Whether you want to ship your items to a different city or are relocating to a new country, Sky2c will make sure that your personal goods and cargo reach your new home in top shape and condition. Our personal goods service is also ideal for those who wish to send gifts and presents ina fast, reliable and cost effective way.

For all Your Goods

Size and weight of your package does not matter. We will make sure that your items reach over to the designated destination in the smallest amount of time. Count on Sky2c for the optimum convenience, reliability and the best rates in the market.

We offer personal goods freight service for both international and domestic cargo.

For International Cargo

Want to send your goods across the border? Not to worry. Sky2c will make sure that your package is delivered in due time. Our international cargo services include:

Shipping via Air

Choose international shipment via air if you want to send your package urgently and your destination is an inland point and not a sea port.

Shipping via Ocean

If you can wait for the transit time quoted for the transport via ocean, this method is one the best ways to send your goods internationally. You can send cargo up to 220 lbs and the rates are also highly affordable.

For Domestic Cargo

We also provide the bestpersonal goods freight services for domestic cargo. Service range includes:

Shipping via Air

Send your domestic cargo quicklythrough our air freight services.

Shipping via Ground

Domestic shipping via ground is ideally suited for packages that require special handling and care during transport.

Shipping via Intermodal (Full Truck Loads with a Combination of Truck and Rail transport)

Send heavy cargo domestically through our intermodal freight services.

Shipping via Full Truck Load (By Road)

You can also opt for full truck loading services for domestic transport of your personal goods.

Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska

Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska ina safe and time effective manner is our specialty.

Count on Sky2c for speedy delivery of your personal goods wherever you want. Additionally, do check out these tips for safe and trouble free transportation of your personal goods to your desired location:

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Feel free to get in touch with us for prompt and swiftdeliveryof your cargo. Our personal goods delivery system is a secure and cost effective solution for transporting all your personal belongings.