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Sky2C aims to clarify all your confusions regarding the process of hiring our services for your cargo. With this aim in mind, we are providing links to some useful documents used in the shipping and transportation of domestic and international cargo.

Terms & Conditions:

If you wish to review our terms and conditions for various types of transportation services, please see the links given below:

  1. NCBFAA Terms & Conditions
  2. Air Transport
  3. Sea Transport
  4. Warehouse
  5. Insurance Terms
  6. Payment options for USA

Common Forms:

Below, we are providing our valued customers with some of the forms that are most commonly used to hire a Sky2C freight carrier for your precious belongings:

  1. Credit card form
  2. W9 form
  3. US Credit Application
  4. Straight BOL and Terms.

For Exports out of USA:

If you are interested in exporting your goods out of the USA, please review the documents given below to discover important information and forms related to the export of cargo from the USA:

  1. Shippers Letter of Instructions Form (SLI)
  2. Routed Cargo Export Power of Attorney
  3. Routed Export Written Authorization
  4. Standard Export Power of Attorney
  5. Australia Packing Declaration FCL
  6. Australia Packing Declaration LCL
  7. Ocean Hazardous Declaration Form
  8. Wood Packing Material Table
  9. IATA hazmat form

For Imports into USA:

In order to import your cargo into the USA, you need to provide Sky2C with all of the following forms and documents:

  1. General Customs power of attorney
  2. Supplemental Dec.
  3. Form 3299 declaration – (Required for the Import of Household Goods Only)
  4. ISF
  5. Annual Customs Bond Application
  6. Requirements for Customs Clearance:

To file ISF, we need the following documents (Pictures must be in color).

Document Requirement for Commercial Shipment

Here is a quick look at the documents required for the shipment of commercial goods:

  1. General Power of Attorney
  2. ISF
  3. Commercial Invoice and a Packing List
  4. Fumigation Certificate is a must, if wooden packing materials have been used for the cargo.

Documents Required for the Shipment of Household Goods & Personal Effects:

When you are transporting personal cargo and household goods using the services of Sky2C Freight System Inc., we will be requiring the following documents from you in order to carry out the shipment:

  1. General Power of Attorney
  2. ISF
  3. 3299
  4. Supplemental Declaration for Unaccompanied Personal HHG
  5. Color Passport Copy – (For all family members travelling)
  6. Packing List
  7. Fumigation Certificate is a must,if wooden packing materials have been used for the cargo.

Clients Experience

Dear Lisa
I want to thank you for your interest in working with my husband Rudolph and myself (Sandra) from start to finish. I was able to pick up my things from the warf all perfectly in one piece. A great big thank you from the heart. I know that I can recommend your company any day, any time, so thank you again.

- Sandra Wright

Thank you for the great service for getting my shipment from San Jose to Delhi, India. I did try one company prior to contacting you and after waiting for several weeks gave up on them. But you guys did a wonderful & fastest job.Thanks..

- Ryan B

We have done business with Sky2c Freight Systems for more than 8 years. We use sky2c freight Systems for many Shipping services. They are personable, accurate, on time and offer very fair price.“We would highly recommend doing business with Sky2c Freight Systems.”

- Steven Clark

We are dealing with Sky2c Freight Systems Inc since the first day they opened. As a freight delivery company, there is none other in San Francisco Bay Area that compare – on rates or on customer service. The staff is always eager to help out – day or night. I look forward to a continued long term relationship with them.

- M Thomas-