Are you not aware of the international shipment rules and regulations?

Are you facing difficulty doing the necessary shipment paper work?

Are you worried that delay in preparing proper documentation will make you lose your consignment and face a huge loss?

If your answer is a big yes to all these questions, then Sky2C can help you on all.

Quick and Professional Assistance on Documentation Preparation for your Shipment

Sky2C provides quality and timely assistance needed to prepare all necessary documentation required for international and domestic shipments. We sure documents comply and adhere to international cargo shipping rules and regulations. This is achieved by keeping abreast of every new and updated, legal and procedural development in the shipping industry.

Our Team of Expert Advisors

Our team of experienced, highly knowledgeable and well-qualified expert advisors guide and help you prepare all necessary documentations required for your shipment, by carefully following the export and import rules and regulations. We help you complete your paper work swiftly and with accuracy ensuring you are all set to export or import your business consignment on time and without any hassles or unnecessary delays.

Our Comprehensive List of Services

We also provide guidance on the following:

  • Visa and passport requirements
  • All shipping forms including certificates of country of origin. The Certificate Of Origin (COO) is a document required by certain countries only. This document is a signed statement from the governing authority at the place of origin of the export item.
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  • NAFTA Document – is required by countries in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). These include Canada, United States and Mexico. If you wish to trade and export products in these countries, you will need a NAFTA certificate. This certificate is used by the states under NAFTA to determine if the imported products receive reduced or eliminated duties. Traders must attach the NAFTA Certificate of Origin with the shipping invoice. Many shippers are not aware of these requirements, however Sky2C ensures all the necessary documentation is well taken care of in order to avoid any delays or rejections.
  • Bank Negotiations
  • AES Filing/Shipper’s Export Declaration
  • Exporting goods to certain countries might require translating the shipping documents specific to that region’s local language. Sky2C offers this service as well.
  • Pink Slip (Title) Validation from the US Customs. Needed for shipping automobiles or any other motorized vehicle.
  • Legalizing documents from the Embassy, Notarization and Consular services
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