Commercial Cargo With International Air Freight

With optimum reliability and the fastest shipping time, international air freight by Sky2c is the premium choice for transporting your commercial goods and cargo. At Sky2c, we offer international cargo delivery via air at the most affordable and budget friendly rates.

Reasons to Choose Sky2c Air Freight for International Cargo Delivery

Urgent Service

Air freight is the fastest mode of shipping your cargo internationally. So, if you have any urgent goods that you need to send over, get in touch with Sky2c for dependable service and 100% satisfaction.

Prompt Delivery to Remote Locations

Sky2c offers worldwide delivery of commercial cargo with the highest level of quality, security and satisfaction. For destinations that are not near asea port, air freight is the best mode of delivery within minimal amount of time.

Careful Packaging

It is essential to pack your shipment carefully to ensure its safe delivery to the destination. At Sky2c, we offer our clients the highest quality of packaging materials and a variety of optionsthat best suit their unique business needs. You can rely on Sky2c for the highest level of quality and an array of services under a single roof. Our experienced staff will be available 24/7 to guide you more about the packing, safety and handling of your cargo.

How Much Does It Cost?

The overall charges of an international freight delivery depend upon the following factors:

  • Location – The point of origin and the final destination.
  • The Delivery time – How soon you want your goods delivered at the destination.
  • Any Specific Airline Choice.
  • The Size of the individual package (box, pallet or crate)
Other Details
  • Subject to availability, your goods can be loaded into airline containers.
  • Most airlines can carry a piece of up to 1587 Kg (3500 lbs) with the dimension for each side not exceeding 62″ (Height) x 88″ (Weight) x 102″ (Length).
  • Prompt special approval is needed for transporting chemical or hazardous materials.
  • Please note that our commercial cargo services do not include shipping of certain excluded items such as live animals, human remains and personal effects. The complete list of prohibited items varies on the origin and destination.

The final bill will depend upon the final chargeable weight of your consignment.

Contact US

Get in touch with Sky2c for further details about our international air freight services or commercial cargo. Request a free quote. We look forward to hearing from you!