Commercial Cargo by Intermodal

Commercial cargo can include anything except excluded items, such as Live animal, Human remains and Personal Effects. We transport any kind of freight within 48 states. This is a unique service for transporting goods within US and Canada (Subject to Customs Clearance in Canada) by using local Rail system. Goods are picked from Origin by a truck that takes trailer after its loaded to the closest Rail Ramp. Further this trailer is moved by Rail Wagon to the closest Rail Ramp that is near the destination Point. Upon arrival at the destination ramp it is further hauled by a truck to the delivery point.


Generally this service is used when-

  • You want to keep transportation cost low
  • When you require full truck space – vary from 20′ to 53′ in length
  • Cargo is not urgently required
  • Cargo is going to another state

Most of the states have weight restriction. So if gross cargo weight is beyond 40,000 lbs, please contact your sales rep for alternates. Hazmat/Perishable cargo can be handled but might be subject to prior approval. Approximate Transit Time for this type of service is: 5-15 days
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Transit time can vary on case to case basis