Planning Your Move

Are you thinking of relocation? Make sure you plan your move ahead of time!

A lot of people forget important things like changing their official address or closing their bank accounts before moving. The following tips will help making your move more convenient and easy and let you avoid any problems down the road. Take a look:

Change Your Official Address

You can lose important mail and correspondence if you don’t communicate your change of address. It is important to send change of address details to anyone who you think will need to contact you in the future. You can also call and let them know. Some companies have toll free numbers that make the whole process all the more hassle free.

Close Bank Accounts

If you can no longer operate your bank account, consider moving your funds to an alternate account or take them out in cash and then close the bank account.

Notify the UtilityCompanies

You need to notify the electricity and gas supplierswhen to disconnect their services or you may end up paying extra. Contact the power suppliers, telephone, newspaper, trash collection and Water Company etc to let them know about your move. Collect a refund in case you have paid security deposit or advanced paymentto any of these companies.

Cancel Memberships

If you hold memberships of any book clubs, organizations or restaurants, ask for the cancellation of membership.You may also be entitled for some reimbursement of services or a refund in some cases. Return library books as well.

Get Hold of ImportantRecords and Personal Information

Contact respective authorities and make sure you have your personal records, important family documents, legal and financial records, birth certificates, passports, insurance documents, medicaland dental records, school records etc. with you.

Hold a Garage Sale

To get rid of extra stuff at home and make some additional cash, having a garage sale is a good idea. However, make sure you check for any neighborhood restrictions in advance.

Geta Health Check

Contact your doctor for any possible transfer prescriptions etc. to avoid any healthissues after you move.

Service Your Car

Is your car ready for the commute? Check with your mechanic for any servicing needs. Also, if you are moving to a colder location, get antifreeze installed.

Reserve a Motel

If it’s going to be a long drive, make reservations in a motel along the way so that you can spend the night safely.

Prepare Your New Home

Before you move in to your home, make sure you have checked the hallways, doorways and staircases whether they have enough room for moving the furniture without any problem. Also check that the doors have locks and deadbolts. Contact the carpenter, roofer or plumber etc. for any last minute renovations.