Packing like a Pro

To ensure your goods arrive safely at the desired destination, we recommend taking the following steps:

1. Purchase empty boxes (new and unused) designed specifically for moving, tape, paper pads, bubble wraps, shrink-wrap, mattress (and other furniture) covers from a hardware store such as Home Depot. Do not purchase boxes/cartons from your local grocery store; these are not meant to withstand the weight of movable items and are therefore not suitable for shipping purposes.

2. Preferably use 3 cubic feet boxes/cartons to pack all your items (including shoes, clothes, books, utensils, electronics etc.); use small boxes for heavy materials and larger ones for light materials.

3. Safeguard your valuables by making sure to:

  • Pack items such as CDs, DVDs, video cassettes and photo negatives in plastic covers and place pictures in between sheets and blankets to prevent damage.
  • Wrap all fragile items such as crockery and china (preferably piece by piece) in bubble wrap, paper-pads or single sheets of paper and used newspapers. (Avoid using regular newspaper as it tends to soil wrapped items).
  • Place all plates vertically in the boxes
    • Remove all light bulbs from lamps before packing
    • Tightly secure the caps and lids of medicines and toiletry items to avoid spillage.

4. When unpacking, start with the top side of the box/carton to reduce chances of damage through breakage in case of an accidental dropping.

5. For added convenience when unpacking, kindly instruct our driver to load the items that you need first upon arrival at the very end (such as phones, kettles, coffee pots, toilet paper, tools, utensils etc.) so you can unpack them quickly and easily.


The following is a list of common sizes and types of boxes/cartons used for shipping:

  • 1.5 cu. ft. carton (Small): Ideal for items such as records and books.
  • 3.1 cu. ft. carton (Medium): Ideal for items such as pots, pans and toys
  • 4.5 cu. ft. carton (Large): Ideal for for bulkier items such as large toys, towels, linens, etc..
  • 6.0 cu. Ft. carton (Large): Ideal for large and bulky items such as pillows and lampshades.
  • China Barrel/Dish-pack (Large): This heavy-duty carton is ideal for heavy and fragile items such as crystal, glassware, dishes and crockery
  • Mattress Carton: These are available in the various bed-sizes; separate cartons are needed for boxes and springs.
  • Wardrobe Carton: These portable cartons are ideal for shipping hanging clothes.
  • Mirror Carton: These come in assorted sizes and are specifically meant for shipping mirrors, pictures or glass
  • Barrier Bag: These are equipped with moisture absorbing desiccant and air-evacuation capabilities to safely ship moisture-sensitive equipment. These are standard for international shipments, but can be availed for any other shipping upon request.

The standard pallet size (48″x40″x30″ inches) can accommodate up to 4 boxes/cartons of sizes 24″ (L) x 18″ (W) x 24″ (H); odd sized items tend to increase payload. We also offer custom pallet building services to ensure safe handling of any size or type of cargo during the transportation and storage processes.


The standard crate size is 87”x45”x58” inches (exterior dimensions). These must be used for larger items that cannot be packed in boxes/cartons. Our highly experienced staff combines their skills with a variety of hardware to design custom crates (ranging from simple cap-on-base crates to foam-lined full floaters with hinged ramp doors) and wood containers that ensure maximum security and enhanced re-usability for your product.

Full Container (20’ x 40’)

These are available for rent if the following conditions apply:

  • The volume of your entire shipment exceeds 600 cft and all items are boxed.
  • There is loose furniture that needs to be moved.
  • There are several boxes and large un-packable individual items with a total volume exceeding 500 cft.

For further details, click here for specs of 20′ & 40′ containers

Furthermore, durable custom-built containers can be designed for trade shows to simplify the set up and teardown of your booth, products, and equipment.