Tips On Moving

Plan In Advance

  • Start planning your move at least a month in advance for domestic moves and 6-8 weeks for international moves, especially since the latter involves:
  • Disposing of unnecessary items
  • Finding out information regarding the residency, customs and living conditions of the destination country.
  • Obtaining/preparing essential documents such as passports, visas and work permits.
  • Keep important documentation (such as financial assets and papers, insurance policies, wills, certificates etc.) and valuables (such as jewelry, family photos and memorabilia or stamp/coin collections etc) close at hand. It is also advisable to carry your phone book to facilitate contact with family and friends back home.

Packing Options

Decide whether you can efficiently pack your goods yourself or want us to pack for you.

Do It Yourself
  • If you choose to pack yourself, start doing so several weeks prior to the shipment. This allows you to conveniently pack items that you will need upon arrival at the destination in the very end.
  • Make sure to use proper packing material and label your belongings to ease identification of the shipment and verification of its condition upon delivery. Clearly write your name and contact details (destination phone number and address) on the top and front of each box, along with your shipper’s booking number, a brief description of the contents as well as mention any specific room(s) to which each box is to be delivered.
  • For insurance purposes, use a plain sheet of paper to write down the contents of the box along with their respective values, and maintain your own inventory checklist to aid the shipping agent and yourself in verifying your shipment at the destination point.
Sky2c Packing Services
  • If you avail our packing services, our driver prepares a complete inventory report of all your items and their condition. Each individual item and box is to be tagged with a unique numbered label and recorded on the inventory form, indicating any possible signs of damage. For you own assurance, we recommend accompanying the driver during this process so you can help point out any special concerns regarding sensitive items (fragile or perishable goods etc.). Once the list is completed, both your and the driver’s signature is required to confirm mutual agreement. Make sure to thoroughly review the report and keep it in safe place for reference at any point. Rest assured our professional packing service ensures your goods are transported in a safe and reliable manner.

Communicate With The Destination Agent

  • Contact your agent upon arrival at the destination. In case our agent is unable to contact you at the appointed date, we store your shipment in our warehouse for an additional cost.
  • It really helps speed up the unloading process if you can draw up an unloading plan for specific rooms at your destination.
  • Make sure to give your dispatcher an active phone number along with an alternative contact so our agent at the destination can easily contact you.
  • To ease the process of communicating with sky2c, note your shipment registration number and quote it for all shipment related inquiries.

Verify Your Shipment Upon Delivery

  • Verify your goods against your copy of the inventory report to ensure everything has reached in a safe and sound manner. Any deviances or damage should be immediately reported to your sky2c agent.

Sky2c is one of the industry’s leading moving companies, offering extremely affordable rates for freight shipping or relocation from USA to India. For further details, feel free to call us on our toll free number 800-353-5128.