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Cargo Insurance Company In USA

Shipments are at times subject to accidental risk of damage to the cargo. Sky2C provides its customers with needed cargo insurance to help cushion against any potential loss or damage during the predefined transit route.

Sky2C offers a non-cumbersome application and quick approval process for insuring your shipment. Shipments can easily be insured as long as they contain approved goods and are being shipped to an approved destination.

Once cargo is insuranced, and in case of unforeseen circumstances, customers can always get back certain percentage or even the entire value of the goods damaged as covered under relevant cargo insurance policy. Insurance coverage’s vary by air, land or sea, because of which all insurance policies are specifically tailored according to individual shipper needs and requirements. Coverages provided are for all risks or on specially defined risks, as needed.

Types of Insurance

Cargo insurance can be divided in to 3 distinct types:

All Risk Coverage- Like the name suggests, this is a comprehensive coverage policy, which includes everything that is not specifically excluded.

However, typical types of exclusions are:

  • Inherent Vice – Infestation, loss due to market delay, failure of the product to perform intended functions and spoilage
  • Cargo Abandonment – losses that occur at a port city, more than 15 days after the cargo has been discharged
  • Rejection of merchandise by the FDA, Customs and other government agencies
  • Payment or account collections failure
  • Losses that result from temperature and air pressure during shipment by air
  • Losses in excess of policy limit
  • Used goods
  • Improper goods

Warehouse-2-Warehouse Coverage

This coverage is offered for the protection of shipments in transit. Warehouse-2-Warehouse coverage covers the shipment from the time it leaves the warehouse to the time it arrives at its final destination, as long as the shipment is not taken out of the pre-defined transit route.

Coverage Enhancement

Sky2C offers special coverage’s depending on specific insurance needs, such as:

  • Trade show and exhibition coverage
  • Rejection insurance
  • Extended warehouse storage
  • Large project cargo moves in excess of $1,000,000 per vessel
  • Coverage’s other than CIF

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Sky2C is only liable for a limited value in the event no insurance is purchased. Feel free to reach out to our sales teams to find out more about the liability insurance coverage for your desired shipment. Don’t forget to checkout our Insurance Claims Guidelines.

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I want to thank you for your interest in working with my husband Rudolph and myself (Sandra) from start to finish. I was able to pick up my things from the warf all perfectly in one piece. A great big thank you from the heart. I know that I can recommend your company any day, any time, so thank you again.

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We have done business with Sky2c Freight Systems for more than 8 years. We use sky2c freight Systems for many Shipping services. They are personable, accurate, on time and offer very fair price.“We would highly recommend doing business with Sky2c Freight Systems.”

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