Custom Clearance

Sky2C offers quality, cost-effective and end-2-end customs clearance services to businesses and individuals worldwide. Whether it’s managing customs formalities at point of departure or point of arrival or it is just customs processing and filing, Sky2C will handle it swiftly for you. We have a wide network of well-qualified and experienced customs brokers and agents positioned globally to ensure your shipment (import or export), passes through customs clearance successfully and swiftly at any location.

End-2-End Customs Clearing Services

Sky2C provides customs brokerage services for clearing international shipments through customs across the globe. Our services include (but are not limited to):

Efficient Management of Customs Formalities

Our team of skilled professionals smoothly and efficiently manages all customs formalities at both ends (departure and arrival) to comply with various bilateral and multilateral agreements, hence avoiding any shipment delays or additional charges to our customers.

Expedited Cargo Release

Sky2C ensures its customers do not miss any business or personal deadlines, by taking care of the entire release process for their shipment at point of destination. This is accomplished by collaborating with well-established agents worldwide, in order to expedite the release of cargo during custom clearance.

Imports & Exports Customs Compliance Management

Sky2C complies strictly with all relevant freight industry standards by staying abreast on all every new and updated legal and procedural development in customs clearance. Hence ensuring a quick and switch customs clearance on the cargo.

Complete Documentation, Product Classification and Consultation for Import/Export Transactions

Leveraging Sky2C’s wealth of knowledge, experience and immaculate expertise, we help you in preparation of all shipping documents required by the customs department. We are also well-versed in product classification and assessment of dutiable values. Additionally, Sky2C offers reliable consultation on import and export transactions, as needed. We ensure all possible steps are taken to process your shipment through customs, hassle-free, thus eliminating any surprise costs or delays.

Entry Processing and Customs Filing

Sky2C offers custom clearance services with entry processing and customs filing, hence provding you a one-stop solutions gateway, by taking complete responsibility on your shipment.

Custom Clearance

Sky2C’s team is well-versed in all areas of customs clearance procedures including levy exemptions, fair and exhibition materials and temporary imports that are time critical.