Personal Goods with International Freight Shipping

Personal goods relate to a range of shipment from a single gift item to the entire unaccompanied baggage involved in a transfer of residence. Sky2c has developed a unique reputation for efficient, timely, and cost-effective solutions for moving personal goods. The following tips will assist you in ensuring a safe and trouble free transportation of your goods to their desired location.

The cost of international air shipping depends upon:-

  • Point of origin and destination
  • How soon you want you goods at destination
  • Specific Airline Choice
  • Size of individual box/pallet/crate
  • Gross weight. The chargeable gross weight is the higher of the actual weight (from scale) and volume weight; the volume weight is determined by Length x Width x Height (in inches) divided by 366 (in Kgs)
  • Subject to availability, goods can be loaded into airline containers. Restrictions on dimension weight weight per individual piece. Most airlines can carry a piece of upto 1587 Kgs (3500 lbs) with dimension for each side not exceeding 62″(H) x 88″ (W) x 102″ (L)

Clients are always Billed on the Final Chargeable Weight


In most of the cases, It is highly recommended to ship your goods via Air, when

  • You have less than 100 kgs/220 lbs (cubic or gross weight)
  • You need shipment urgently
  • Destination is not a Sea Port but an Inland Point

Procedure At Destination

When shipment arrives at destination, you are intimated by airlines office about the arrival of shipment and you can approach their office to proceed for claiming your shipment. There might be some terminal charges and airlines handling fee payable at destination airport. This fee can vary depending upon weight but normally should be approx US$25. Beside this you have to get your shipment cleared through customs and arrange transportation from airport to your door. In process of clearance, any duties or taxes payable at destination shall be paid as per applicable tariff of the country where goods are imported.

If you have not been quoted for destination services, feel free to ask your sales representative at sky2c for a complete package of destination services.


If you are packing/marking/preparing list of contents-

  • Each box/carton must be properly packed & marked with number, your name & destination address before you hand over to us.
  • We must get a packing list from you stating what is there in each carton and if you are buying insurance, we will require you to breakdown value for each item in the box. You don’t have to be detail about listing items. For example if you have books, you can simply state BOOKS. If you have tools, just specify TOOLS. But value must be mentioned separately for Books as well Tools even though they are packed in same box.
  • Suitcases are allowed but we prefer to move them in boxes. If possible, kindly pack them in cartons or if there is no choice than make sure that there is no Fragile stuff in Suitcases.

Important Notice

Shippers who are exporting/shipping their personal goods, can’t be qualified as known shippers. This delays their cargo by 2-7 days due to security screening. Airlines/customs/sky2c have full authority to detect any restricted articles/harmful contents and ensure safety.