Personal Goods by Domestic Intermodal

We can transport Personal Goods by using Rail within US & Canada (Canadian shipments are subject to Customs Clearance) Some important tips-

  • Goods must be properly packed before loading into trailer
  • No Vehicle can be loaded unless approved by your sales rep
  • Goods must be properly blocked & braced to avoid any shifting
  • Find out the size of trailer that can accommodate your need. Usually 48′ or 53′ trailers are available for this type of transportation
  • Get rates by providing your origin & destination zip code. Any special requirements, such as-
    • Packing, Loading & Unloading
    • Pickups at different locations
    • Keeping trailer over 2hours either at Origin or Destination

Are available at an additional cost. Rates are based on per trailer

  • We bring trailer to your premises for loading. Trailer usually has no Ramp and is 4′ from the ground level. Trailer can be left at your premises for more than 2 hrs but it may cost additional for driver to come back at a different time to pickup. “PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR SALES REP FOR THIS OPTION”.
  • Once trailer is loaded, driver will take this to the closest Rail Ramp from where it is transported to the closest Rail Ramp at the destination. Upon arrival at destination, another driver will dray it to the destination address.
  • You are usually given 2hrs time to remove belongings from the trailer or if more time is used or driver is asked to come at later time/day, it may cost additional. “PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR SALES REP FOR THIS OPTION”. Generally this service is used when-
    • To keep transportation cost low
    • When you require full truck space – vary from 20′ to 53′ in length
    • Cargo is not urgently required
    • Cargo is going to another state

Most of the states have weight restriction. So if gross cargo weight is beyond 40,000 lbs, please contact your sales rep for alternates.

Hazmat/Perishable cargo can be handled but might be subject to prior approval.

Approximate Transit Time for this type of service is: 5-15 days.


Transit time can vary on case to case basis