Commercial Cargo with Ocean Freight

Commercial cargo can include anything except excluded items, such as live animals and human remains. The list varies with the country of origin and destination. Careful packing is essential for safe shipment of your consignment. A large variety of packing material and options are available to you for your shipment. Chemical or hazardous material requires special approval.

Following are some of the variables that determine the cost of ocean shipping:

  • Place of origin and destination of the cargo to be shipped
  • Size of shipping – volume here plays a major and weights a minor role
  • Type of material – for example, hazardous and perishable and refrigerated materials require special handling and are subject to extra charges

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LCL (Less than full container load)

  • Here the cost is based on volume (cubic feet). In this service, we consolidate your shipment with those of others in a 20- or 40-foot container and pass on the resulting savings to you, our customer.
  • If you are shipping loose cartons, especially over 100 lbs., they should preferably be palletized . Highly valued and fragile items should be crated
  • Regardless of weight, the dimensions of individual items must not exceed 224″ (length) x 88″ (width) x 90″ (height)
  • Charges for loading into a container is included in the price quoted for shipping
  • Final price is based on the exterior dimensions of the box, carton, pallet or crate
  • Pricing is based on the shipment being delivered to our freight station; a pick-up from place can be arranged at an additional cost

FCL (Full Container Load): Refer to boxes for specifications for container

  • Containers can be trucked/drayed to your warehouse/loading spot
  • Multiple pickup & deliveries can be scheduled
  • Cargo can also be consolidated at our warehouse to be further loaded into Full container/s
  • They are always attached to chassis, which makes their height approximately 4′ from the ground
  • Over sized cargo can be accommodated on special sized equipment, e.g., open top and flat rack containers
  • Perishable cargo can be loaded in temperature controlled container “Reefer”