Air Freight to India

Air freight is the most popular option to ship goods from the US to India. This is because air freight cargo is:

  • Faster
  • Safer
  • Effective

If you are considering air freight shipping to India, go through this article so that you may be aware of the restrictions and costs that come with it.


India does not allow the shipment of weapons, firearms, pornography or political literature within its borders. Also, the owners of the goods need to have the goods shipped from the ship off point within 15 days of their arrival. They would need to be present during the time of customs clearance in order to prove ownership.

Indian regulations do, however, provide duty relaxation on all used goods that have been in possession of the transferring owner for at least one year. A limited number of electronic equipment is also allowed to be shipped duty free. Do make sure that the information you provide about the goods being shipped is 100% accurate as they are subject to strict checking.


The costs related to air freight shipment depend on the volume and weight of goods that you plan to ship. Air freight is, in general, costlier than ocean freight but is a much safer option. Besides, you would be saving up on insurance costs that usually go with ocean freight.

It also depends on whether you are considering normal air freight shipping or high priority shipping, the latter of which is quicker but substantially costlier. If you do plan to get the shipment insured, you can expect to pay about 2% of the total value of the goods.

Services Provided

Most air freight shipping services provide some value added features as well, such as online tracking along with email notifications. A very few number of air freight service providers also offer the transport of perishable goods to India. If you wish to have your goods transported as soon as possible, you may also choose the high priority delivery option, which ships your goods within 2-3 working days but costs higher than general.

Human Remains

Air freight services usually give the highest priority to shipping of human remains, including insurance and quick delivery. There are certain documents required for the transportation of human remains, including the death certificate by an authorized medical representative, passport of the deceased and a photocopy of the shippers passport.

More Information

Cargo is transported from the US to India in either regular passenger planes (non cargo) where it is packed with other packages or dedicated cargo planes. The latter is usually reserved for heavier and bulkier cargo such as furniture and automobiles due to higher costs.

Please note that the information presented here is subject to change according to new regulations and guidelines. If you decide on air freight shipping of goods, contact the air freight company who can guide you with more updated information along with a quote estimate.